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An exploration of words and images.

Creativity is unpredictable. Like nature, it can flourish with vitality or recede into moments of stillness. It can revel in the brilliant colors of now, or reflect shadows of the past. At times it may accumulate until a mind is soaked with a downpouring of ideas. Then, like spring’s first crocus, those ideas blossom. Saturating canvases, filling empty journals, staining cocktail napkins… This website serves as a curation of these ideas.


Read, absorb, repeat.


Dead Ringer

She glanced at her forehead and saw her youth free falling into craters.

Forever 28

Edie Sedgwick’s meteoric rise was fleeting. Her cultural impact has proven otherwise.

Suffolk University Students Eat Up Lecture from Johnny Cupcakes Founder

Local entrepreneur inspires Suffolk University students during guest lecture.

'Water for Elephants' Dazzles Onscreen

This film is one trip to the circus that is well worth the price of admission.

The Mysterious Case of Heath LEDGER & Mary-Kate OLSEN

Here’s the story of one fallen idol and the elusive nymph who nearly fell with him. 

elizabeth & Lee

The stakes in fashion are so high, one fatal slip can send a designer’s reputation up in flames.

"Girl Power!"

In 1995 the Spice Girls were inescapable and "girl power" was central to their success.

on ‘Femme fatale’ Britney Spears Has Her Spunk Back

44 minutes of club bangers that lend a hand in restoring Spears’ long-dormant sparkle.

Rothko’s ART Is A Captivating Color Story

Mark Rothko’s artwork proves that there’s more to color than meets the eye.

Local, Metro Newspapers Search for Silver Lining in Dire Paper Economy

What’s the viability of newspapers in a market that's come to expect free digital content.


Contrary to rumors, reports, and Kardashian-West emoji rants, Taylor Swift is not a snake. 

The Polaroid Pack

A picture is worth a thousand words, and so are the people who take them.

As Journalists Adapt Overtime, So Must Their Profession

An interview with The Boston Globe’s Spotlight Team writer Marcella Bombardieri.

'Easy A' is A+ Fun

Will Gluck builds a familiar world where the past meets the present in easy to like ‘Easy A.’

Hollywood Aims To Reduce Carbon Emissions with NEW DVD Packaging

Hollywood studios are introducing new eco-friendly home entertainment packaging.