Hollywood Aims To Reduce Carbon Emissions with Plastic Saving DVD Packaging

AS featured in the suffolk voice (april 28, 2009)


In an effort to reduce the growing number of carbon emissions, Hollywood is jumping on the recycling bandwagon introducing new eco-friendly home entertainment packaging.  

Sony Pictures is just one of the major movie studios taking part in the new green initiative announcing that any future single-disc DVD will be released in new packaging that uses 20% less plastic than current standard cases.  

“Sony is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and is making great progress in reducing the environmental impact of packaged media,” said Lexine Wong, Sony Pictures' Senior Executive Vice President of Worldwide Marketing.

A press release from the studio further detailed their aim to reduce the total number of carbon emissions by two million pounds annually. Other neighboring studios have also taken steps to join the initiative. 

Lionsgate released the third season of the critically acclaimed series "Weeds" on DVD last year in recycled plastic cases that prevented roughly 500,000 water bottles from littering landfills. And Walt Disney Studios’ earth conscious animated film "WALL-E" is also available to purchase in a plastic-free, 100% recyclable paper sleeve that the company boasts is both "earth and space friendly."

Meanwhile, James Bond has gone green with MGM releasing 007’s latest installment, "Quantum of Solace," in a recyclable plastic case.  

According to Sustainable Life Media, most major movie studios have been actively discussing innovative ways to reduce home media packaging materials since last April ensuring that these efforts will remain an ongoing effort in the future.